October 19, 2022

Wellness Wednesdays Engage Community

Uniting community and wellbeing, Wellness Wednesdays offer residents, neighbors and friends the opportunity to strengthen mental and physical health.

Throughout June, August, September and October, MOSAIC welcomed community members to the Philip H. Kohl MOSAIC Family Commons for this free, 16-week self-care series, featuring fitness sessions hosted by partners Yoga Garden PBO and Chatham YMCA.

Yoga Garden PBO’s Sunset Yoga created a space for growth and wellness through breathing and mindful movement. Chatham YMCA’s Strength Conditioning supported fitness goals, like increased strength and improved energy. These community partnerships are vital to MOSAIC’s culture, and we’re excited to create more programs with local providers. 

MOSAIC thanks all who participated in Wellness Wednesdays. We’re pleased to offer programs integrating wellness with community, an indispensable ingredient for social and emotional wellbeing.

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