Rules and Regulations

MOSAIC at Chatham Park Rules and Regulations

The property managed and controlled by the MOSAIC Masters Owners Association, Inc. is privately owned property to be utilized by owners, tenants and residents within MOSAIC at Chatham Park, their guests, licensees, invitees and employees (“Guests”). Guests who do not act responsibly may be asked to leave the property at any time. To provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all Guests, please abide by the following Rules and Regulations promulgated by the MOSAIC Master Owners Association, Inc. pursuant to authority granted by the Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for MOSAIC.

The Association is authorized to impose sanctions for violations of the Rules and Regulations. Sanctions may include reasonable monetary fines and other remedies set forth in the Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for MOSAIC and the Bylaws of the Association.

The purpose of the Rules and Regulations is to highlight and supplement provisions of the MOSAIC at Chatham Park governing documents. The Association has the authority to amend these Rules and Regulations from time to time as the Association deems necessary to carry out its management of the property. The Rules and Regulations define the responsibilities of Guests in order to preserve the integrity of the MOSAIC at Chatham Park community.

The Community Manager will ensure that complaints pertaining to the Rules and Regulations are processed with discretion. Complaints, questions or suggestions should be addressed to:

MOSAIC Masters Owners Association

Community Manager,

The Rules & Regulations are posted on the MOSAIC website Printed versions are also available at the MOSAIC Masters Owners Association office.

The following activities are prohibited and are grounds for criminal trespass:

  • Violations of the law and/or of town ordinances
  • Illegal or unauthorized weapons
  • Solicitation or panhandling
  • Possession of open alcoholic beverages except at times and places designated by the MOSAIC Master Owners Association, Inc.
  • The use of scooters, skateboards and hoverboards
  • Climbing or standing on furniture, walls or trees
  • Disruptive behavior including loud music, shouting, amplified noise, intoxication, vulgar language or profanity, or any activity that threatens the safety or quiet enjoyment of Guests
  • Activities that destroy, damage or deface property

Property policies include:

  • No storage of vehicles, boats, trailers, etc.
  • Bicycles must be stored and secured in designated bike racks
  • No moving of common area furniture
  • Dispose of all trash in designated areas
  • All persons must adhere to signed parking restrictions: violators are subject to enforcement and penalty
  • Car or motorcycle clubs are not permitted
  • Behavior, activities or clothing with anything profane or offensive that disrupt a pleasant, family-oriented environment are prohibited
  • Littering is prohibited
  • Loitering in front of or blocking stores, restaurants, offices, homes, parking areas, sidewalks, streets or common areas is not allowed

The following items require prior Property Management approval:

  • Photography or video recording for commercial use
  • Drone operations
  • Special events/promotions
  • Signage installed in common areas


  • No animals except for leashed dogs, cats and service animals are permitted on property owned by the MOSAIC Master Owners Association, Inc.; there is an exception to this rule for reasonable household pets of owners or residents within MOSAIC at Chatham Park if those pets are permitted pursuant to the governance of a MOSAIC at Chatham Park sub-association
  • Pets must always be under the control of the owner
  • Pets must use designated pet waste areas; owners must clean up after pets and dispose of waste in trash receptacles

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and for being a Guest of MOSAIC at Chatham Park.

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