July 22, 2020

MOSAIC’s Triangle Region: On the Rise

The Triangle Region, which includes 11 counties, is on the rise with a current population of more than 2,000,000, and 76 people moving here every day.

The Triangle’s main industries include Advanced Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Technology, AgTech and Cleantech, supported by 1,039,775 professionals with a median household income of $76,557.

Nearby Research Triangle Park boasts 50,000 employees, 7,000 acres and 250+ companies. HQ Raleigh, Frontier RTP and American Underground support the Triangle’s vibrant start-up ecosystem.

Education in the Triangle

The Triangle Region’s 10 colleges + universities and 7 community colleges drive the region’s innovation and competitive edge.

  • 176,000 students enrolled in higher education
  • 42,000 graduates per year
  • 47% of region with bachelor’s degree or higher

Accessibility in the Triangle

The Triangle Region is easily accessible with: