July 10, 2024

Meet Adriane Karlinski: MOSAIC Senior Property Manager

When Adriane Karlinski, MOSAIC’s senior property manager, isn’t overseeing the campus’ day-to-day operations, you’re likely to find her out and about, enjoying the community.

With a UNCW business finance degree, Adriane began her career selling high-end jewelry. She had eight years’ property management experience with Kane when she joined MOSAIC in August of 2021. Her eye for beauty and her management know-how are tremendous assets to the MOSAIC community as she works behind the scenes to help it grow and prosper.

During MOSAIC’s ever-expanding roster of community events, Adriane never misses an opportunity to chat with community members, gaining insight into how MOSAIC can better serve them.

“I can’t wait to see the campus fully completed,” she says. “I’ve loved watching it grow.”

Adriane’s leadership has played an instrumental role in building a community that is truly “more than a place.” Check out upcoming events and subscribe to the MOSAIC newsletter, so you don’t miss the fun.