June 26, 2024

79°West Opens a New Podcast Studio

The latest innovation to hit MOSAIC’s state of the art coworking space is the 79°West Podcast Room, a recording facility that promises to give a voice to a community with a lot to say.

According to Dustin Miller, half of 79°West’s husband-and-wife management team, the podcast studio was born in response to an overwhelming community need. After many prospective members came in for a tour and inquired about a recording room, Dustin and Katie Miller decided to add the space.

The 79°West podcast room has already fostered B2B networking opportunities within the surrounding community, hosting interviews with the Orange Chatham Association of Realtors as well as other local business owners. This unique feature is currently the only one of its kind in the Pittsboro area.

Membership at 79°West includes monthly studio space hours, but the studio can also be booked online by the public for personal projects.