May 22, 2024

Meet your 79°West Leaders: Dustin + Katie Miller

Big things are happening at 79°West, MOSAIC’s innovative coworking and co-warehousing space, with private offices and meeting rooms for lease.

Since spouses Dustin and Katie Miller took the helm in November 2023, an exciting schedule of events and collaborative opportunities has developed. With Katie’s nonprofit management and event coordination background and Dustin’s prior experience with the 79°West marketing team, the transition came naturally.

“Dustin’s familiarity with 79°West was a huge benefit getting started,” says Katie Miller. “We had to know how everything works in this 30,000 sq. ft. facility and then establish a process for it.”

For Dustin and Katie, the best part of managing 79°West has been watching connections happen, both professional and personal. Events like the 2023 MOSAIC Holiday Market brought the community together to shop local vendors and enjoy delicious treats, plus live music.

This summer promises to be the best one yet for 79°West. Check out their full schedule of professional skill building and networking opportunities as well as MOSAIC’s Events.